Vibrating Screen Separator

Dewatering Vibrating Screen

We are the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Dewatering Vibrating Screen, Linear dewatering screen, and PU screen separator in India. This is one of our most versatile products which has a feed end, declined at 45° and the main deck inclined at 5°. This allows a thick bed to build & trap small particles. This allows simple drainage of water without carrying small particles through openings. It is one of the best dewatering screens available in the market. We strive to better this simple drive arrangement on larger horizontal & inclined dewatering screens.

This provides the advantage of reduced maintenance, compactness and simplicity. Its drive mechanism produces a linear (straight line) motion while developing high acceleration ("g" forces). This augmented acceleration & reverse incline deck configuration is ideal for all dewatering applications. These dewatering screens can be fitted with elective electric counter-weighted motors and other features.

  • No external drives, with v-belts or cordon shaft
  • No oil bath oscillators, with synchronizing gears and oil leaks
  • No Motor support stand, or overhead structure for motor support
  • No snubbers-the screens -mounted drive has eliminated the need for snubbers to reduce damage to Vee-belts and external motors during the large oscillations that normally occur during stopping
  • Due to the absence of gears and vee-belts, the units use less power than conventional drives
  • Minimized maintenance time due to simple arrangement of drive
  • Compactness-screens can be positioned very closely with a minimum of space wastage



  • Individually replaceable cross members
  • Angle runner system for polyurethane modular unit
  • Flat bar runner system for woven wire decks
  • Automatic alignment of tensioning bolts for side tensioned woven wire decks
  • Built-in-lined feed boxes and discharge lips
  • Stress relieving technology in design
  • Multiple design of screening surface available


Optional Accessories:

  • Sail or Ceramic-Lined Feed Box Assembly
  • UHMW-Lined Effluent Pan Assembly Support Base Modular
  • Snap-In Polyurethane or Stainless Steel Screen
  • Panels A-Frame Motor Support Base Twin electric counter
  • Weighted motors instead of pulley drive mechanism


Gyro Screen Machine

Emf Gyratory Screen Separator/Vibro Shifter are circular shaped screen separators that are ideal for solids/solids and solids/liquids applications. These consist of specially designed motor which is mounted vertically at the center of the base plate of the screen. It is placed in between feeding hopper & bowl. These are able to handle various:

  • Feed rates
  • Consistencies
  • Maximize throughput by efficient screen utilization and anti-blinding devices

Some of the prominent attributes of our gyratory screen include:
  • Superior accurate separation efficiency
  • Low space requirements
  • Lower noise levels
  • Lesser maintenance and power consumption
  • Ball tray for anti-blinding
  • Multi deck models available
  • Dust proof enclosed system
  • Simple & compact construction

Applications of our gyratory screens

Dry Separation:
  • recovery of rice from hulls, coffee beans from chaff, and tea from bags
Chemicals and Petrochemicals
  • catalyst beds are classified into alundum balls, scale, clean catalyst pellets, and dust
  • separation of rock dust from asbestos shorts, alumina from rotary kiln brick impurities, and stones from pit sand
Animal feeds
  • scalping of foreign material from mash; removal of bone chips from meat meal
  • separation of dockage (wheat, wild oats, etc. ) from flax seeds; cleaning of agricultural seeds and grains

Dry classification:
  • peanut grading, coffee powders, ground coffees, dried milk, sugars and salts
  • cereals, starches, spices, nuts, flour, sugar, potato powder and flakes
  • powdered eggs, candies, powdered cheese, and bread crumbs
  • polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastic pellets, melamine, phenolics, cellulose acetate and polystyrene
  • sodium carbonate, calcium carbide, copper sulfate, detergents, adipic acid, iron oxide, caustic soda flake, di-calcium phosphate and stearic acid
  • titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, sodium sulfate, potassium iodide, sodium alginate, borax, calcium carbonate, silicon carbide, monosodium glutamate, alum, calcium chloride, and sodium cyanide
Minerals and metals
  • metal powders (aluminum, copper, bronze, nickel, iron, magnesium, etc. )
  • barites, silica, bauxite, cement, brick clay, coke, fluorspar, limestone and mica
  • perlite, talc, antimony, dolomite, feldspar, diatomaceous earth, rock salt and nepheline syenite
Pulp and Wood products
  • wood chips, particleboard, sawdust, and wood flour
  • , epsom salts, sodium bicarbonate, boric acid, tablet de-dusting, and granulations
  • granulated mixes; potash; phosphate rock; urea; and ammonium nitrate, sulfates, and phosphates
  • carborundum, aluminum oxide, and blasting silica

Circular Motion Inclined Vibrating Screen

We offer superb quality Circular Motion Inclined Vibrating Screen that are used in various material sizing applications. The circular motion assists the material in rolling out of the openings and prevents plugging of near size particles or non-cubical shaped particles. Our EMF Screens are manufactured for heavy-duty & continuous operations. These are also built using contemporary material technology & impeccable quality.

These modular, robust & compact screening machines have exceptional performance for a wide range of material such as:

  • Crushed stones
  • Gravel
  • Coal
  • Mining
  • Recycling
  • Process classifications

Circular or elliptical stroke vibrator mechanism can also be used for coarse or fine screening of various mineral ores & hard stones. We guarantee the high degree of screening efficiency. Emf-Screens offer a long service life, outstanding adaptability & inexpensive screening solutions under the harsh, rigorous mining & quarry conditions. Some of the salient features of this product include:

  • Universal type inclined screen with circular motion for wet and dry screening
  • 1-2-3 deck configurations set for 20 inclinations
  • Bolted frame construction reinforced with heavy steel pipes
  • Extra heavy-duty vibration mechanism with flywheels at both ends
  • Vibrator position ensures uniform vibration all through the screen mesh
  • Self-aligning screen duty roller bearings in oil bath lubrication
  • Simple adjustment of vibration amplitude by counter-weights on flywheels
  • Drive is through motor, V-belts and driven pulley fitted on either side of the main shaft
  • Standard feed box reduces direct impact on mesh and evenly spreads material for greater efficiency

Various attributes of the body of our circular motion vibrating screen include:

  • All screen bodies are designed and manufactured using the state of the art 3-D Modeling and CAD/CAM Manufacturing
  • Trunion mounted on steel coil springs or rubber mounts to allow inclination to be adjusted
  • Available in single deck, double deck, triple deck and quad deck designs

Linear Motion Vibrating Screens

Linear Motion Vibrating Screens are known as conventional high-performance screens of single or double-deck brute force linear-motion design has a confirmed track record in various process industries. It is used in following applications in the industries of mineral, coal, chemical processing and quarrying:

  • Separating, classification and sizing
  • Scalping and trash removal
  • Dewatering and declaiming
  • Draining, rinsing and washing

Various advantages of these linear motion vibrating screens include:
  • Simple amplitude adjustment to suit processed product
  • Rugged and compact construction minimizes downtime and in-site repairs
  • Complete range of spare parts
  • We have installed units in the iron ore, diamond and coal industries throughout the world
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