Lifting Magnet

Rectangular Lifting Magnet

We are an exporter and manufacturer of Rectangular Lifting Magnet for our esteemed customers.


The exciter coil, wound with Aluminium conductor using high grade insulating materials, is secured in the housing with a special resin compound of excellent heat conductivity.

Magnet Body

The magnet body is constructed from high permeability steel and features, together with the cover-plate of non-magnetic wear resistant steel, outstanding strength and robustness. The connection of the feed-in cable is covered under a tilting steel hod, either by means of a terminal box divided into coil section and connection section or by means of a plug-in set. The standard chain suspension consist ring each. If required a two-stranded or four-stranded chain suspension with one suspension ring can be supplied. Load Lifting Magnets offer substantial advantages as compared to mechanical loaders :

  • Simple pick-up and put-down of load
  • Labour Saving: The crane driver need not wait for loaders to complete job
  • Quicker turn-over to material
  • Gentle handling of sheet metal (no damage to edges, no deformation)
  • Better utilization of storage space
  • Simple sorting of plates, blocks, billets

Circular Lifting Magnet

Circular Lifting Magnet are provided by us at market leading prices to our esteemed customers. We are a prominent exporter of the same.

Magnet Body

Mechanical construction of EMF -Technology high capacity lifting magnets is very sturdy to meet toughest demands in service. The one piece magnet body is cast from high-grade dynamo steel or Mild Steel. Underneath, between centre and outer poles, the magnet body is closed by sturdy, cast and rib-reinforced non-magnetic austenitic manganese steel plate. Fastening at the centre pole is affected by means of a shrunk-on ring and at the outer pole by locking ring. The standard three-fall chain suspension, designed with common suspension ring is rated to meet all normal duty loads. Special change is available on request for extremely heavy loads. Two lugs for guide ropes are fitted as standard.


Standard exciter coils are wound with Anodised Aluminium conductor or fiber glass covered varnish bonded Aluminium conductor. Coils wound with anodised Copper conductor offer the following advantages:

  • Greater filling factor
  • Better heat conductivity.
  • Higher resistance to thermal strain.

Coils are cast into their magnet body with a special resin compound of excellent heat conductivity and thus rigidly fixed in position. In special cases, coil can be furnished with copper conductor. Use of special resins loaded with fillers as sealing compound ensures reliable conduction of heat to the magnet surface, maintaining high magnet performance over long, continuous service. All insulation materials confirm to class " H"

The permissible relative duty factor is 75% / 10 mins. or 60% /10 mins. depending on magnet construction and application. The standard operating voltage is 220 volts DC. Magnets for extra heavy duty available on request.

Electrical Accessories

The following electrical accessories are required with the lifting magnet and are available from EMF-Technology

  • Transformer rectifier set
  • Contactor Panel
  • Master controller

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