Hydrocyclone Cluster

Hydrocyclone Cluster

Hydrocyclone Cluster, Creative pump HydroCyclones (Creative Make)are reputed name in Indian Mineral Indusrty
For higher wear life and more reliable, bearing the customer the lowest cost. The strength of Creative Engineers products lies in the superiority of our hydraulic designs and wear and corrosion resistant materials. 

For many years we have applied our experience of slurry handling technology in the design and manufacture of hydrocyclones. Creative  Hydrocyclones feature a unique laminar spiral inlet geometry designed to deliver maximum efficiency, maximum capacity and longer wear life than conventional involute of tangential feed hydrocyclone designs. Not just a cone modification, the CREATIVE hydrocyclone has an entirely new feed geometry that substantially increases hydraulic capacity while minimizing localized wear on the feed chamber and vortex finder.


These design improvements result in lower operating costs and fewer hydrocyclones required for a given duty. For grinding circuit applications, Creative hydrocyclones increase circuit capacity by minimizing the quantity of fines bypassing to the underflow stream. Creativehydrocyclones achieve these results by maximising the air core diameter created within the rotating mass of fluid in the hydro cyclone. These effects are proven in both laboratory testing and full-scale plant operation.


  • 3-4 times increase in feed chamber wear life.
  • Superlative hydrocyclone process efficiency, with reduced grits in overflow.
  • Greater capacity for equivalent product sizing.

Application using industries:


  • Iron ore benification processing Plant
  • Iron  ore wet jiggling process 
  • Upgrading the Iron ore 
  • Iron ore washing plant 
  • Hydrocyclone
  • Sand washing plant
  • Silica Sand washing plant
  • Silica Sand washing unit
  • Mineral washing plant
  • Mining washing plant
  • Iron ore benefication plant
  • Hematite ore benification plant
  • Hematite washy unit
  • Garnet sand processing unit
  • Garnet sand wally unit.


hydrocyclone has two exits on the axis: the smaller on the bottom (underflow or reject) and a larger at the top (overflow or accept). The underflow is generally the denser or thicker fraction, while the overflow is the lighter or more fluid fraction.Internally, centrifugal force is countered by the resistance of the liquid, with the effect that larger or denser particles are transported to the wall for eventual exit at the reject side with a limited amount of liquid, whilst the finer, or less dense particles, remain in the liquid and exit at the overflow side through a tube extending slightly into the body of the cyclone at the center.Forward hydrocyclones remove particles that are denser than the surrounding fluid, while reverse hydrocyclones remove particles that are less dense than the surrounding fluid. In a reverse hydrocyclone the overflow is at the apex and the underflow at the base. There are also parallel flowhydrocyclones where both the accept and reject are removed at the apex. Parallel-flowhydrocyclones remove particles that are lighter than the surround fluid.

Cyclone Separator

We are leading supplier, manufacturer and exporter of Cyclone Separator widely applied in mine-chosen technique in various metal mines. It mainly shows in the following works :

  • Classification  for section I closed circuit grinding
  • Classification for section II closed circuit grinding
  • Regrinding for fine mine classification
  • Mud-removing before selection and after selection
  • Dam and back fill for gangue.


In closed circuit grinding system, it features high classification efficiency and fine over fall fineness under high mine concentration. Classification efficiency is higher for 5-10% than common screw grader. It benefits for enhancing grader utilizing. 

Hydrocyclone Cluster for Iron Ore Washing Plant

We provide Hydrocyclone Cluster for Iron Ore Washing Plant.


  • Maximum quality
  • Long life
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